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Pet Food Products


If it’s pet food products you seek, look no further. That’s our specialty. Wisconsin Freeze Dried has a practicing, holistic veternarian on staff which is certain to set us apart from the rest and give you the edge you’ve been looking for. From the initial concept, to research and development, to the packaged product, we’ll be there. Wisconsin Freeze Dried follows all quality and safety standards that we would if it was a food packaged for human consumption. From treats to super foods, let us be the ones to help you.

Freeze-Dried Pet Food

Freeze dried pet foods are, in a nutshell, raw or cooked foods without water. The pet food industry is filled with major players who dominate with extruded dry foods that contain questionable nutritional content and ingredient lists that read like a chemist’s inventory. These bulky products provide margins in the range of 5-10% and have a shelf life of around one year. Wisconsin Freeze Dried can manufacture a pet food with no preservatives that contains more nutrients and has a longer shelf life than the usual dry pet food market. The product is light-weight with great margins. Freeze dried pet food has so many advantages over dry-extruded with few competitors. Your custom brand can be a great alternative to the “same-old” product everyone else is selling, and with so many positives.

Freeze-Dried Treats

One of Wisconsin Freeze Dried’s specialties is its freeze dried pet treats manufactured for private labels and shipped to distributors or retail locations all over the world. Freeze dried treats are extremely light-weight, take up minimal shelf space, and can be sold on high margins. They are easily transportable and have a longer shelf life than baked treats. Wisconsin Freeze Dried can manufacture multiple different sizes and shapes of freeze dried pet treats. Give yourself a leg up with limited ingredients treats that animals will love.

Soft Chews

In addition to freeze dried foods and treats, Wisconsin Freeze Dried also has the ability to manufacture soft chews for pets. Soft chews have the ability to be either a tasty treat or an excellent opportunity to supplement an animal’s health in a treat-like form. Soft chews offer the convenience of adding nearly any nutritional supplement into an animal’s diet in a manner that the animal views as a rewarding experience. Joint supplements, fiber, protein, vitamins, minerals and more can all be included in these bite-size soft chews. Soft chews can be made in any flavor, meat or non-meat, and a multitude of different sizes and shapes. Inactive ingredients can also be added to make a supplement more palatable for the animal and to form it into a soft chew. If you have a liquid or powder that you’re having difficulty administering to animals, let our shoft chews be your answer.

Dry Roasted/Dehydrated

Wisconsin Freeze Dried also offers the ability for a dry-roasted or dehydrated product. This method of food preservation, where the food is dried, inhibits yeasts, molds, and bacteria by removing water from the initial product. At Wisconsin Freeze Dried we use this tried and true method to manufacture a quality product that fits your need.

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